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Love your drawing! good job.


i love this!!! and enjoyed reading what you have to say!


Is this it?
"The colors go where they want. You talk to them, you tell them the plan, you cajole, flatter and plead. You think you have come to a meeting of the minds. You apply them. And - The colors go where they want. It's best not to coral them. It's hopeless anyway. Best just to make soft suggestions and watch with childlike glee as they intermix and mingle.
The colors go where they want and they know where to go. They always arrive at a sensual, vibrant, complex beauty.
The colors go where they want."


I love his work, and I thought it was a particularly inspiring description of the medium! I love his ocean-themed works the most, though! (From Whip-Up, I believe.)

I also have a special affinity for Mary Poppins - I used to watch it or Wizard of Oz everytime I visited my Grandma! I really like your watercolor, especially Sooty Cat! LOL

stacey m

lovely illo and especially liked reading what you had to say. really great quote about watercolors. if you can let go, not get frustrated and let them do their thing, they can truly be magical :)

Jo Kim

your illo made me smile this morning. it's funny and cute and animated. i esp. like how each cat seems to have its own personality. thanks!

claudine hellmuth

I love this! the little sooty kitty is so cute! I also love seeing your sketch. So fun to see the process :)

Loni Edwards

Very nice! Great job! Love the sooty little pawprints! Thank you for writing about the process too. I too need to start carrying a sketchbook :)


Clever and adorable! :)


SOooo cute! The soot covered cat is hilarious!


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