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pretty flowers! what a nice surprise!

and the puzzle ball is cute. (and so is the little carrying bag. did you make that, too?)


Pretty, pretty! I like them a lot!


I can just picture you crafting away! LOL Thanks for the katamari tutorial link - I've been wondering how those little things are made! I saw one on Craftster with magnets to hold pins, and wanted to make one of my own!

Lovely flowers, lucky you! :)

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Its very attractive artificial flower's, I am very thankful to you. I want to get information about How to make this Flowers and Puzzle Ball; I hope you will help me. I like it so much.

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I hav been wandering online since the past couple of hours and accidentally came to your blog post..Just admiring the way you conclude your post:*********** I've been warned that making them is addicting...and I've got to admit that I'm awfully tempted to make a whole..... *********

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I'm getting married and I was looking for some ideas for winter wedding flowers. My colors are light pink and espresso brown. THANKS FOR THE IDEAS!

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