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Oh, dear, I have to come up with six weird things about myself??? But, but, but: I'm completely normal!


If I had that view I would probably jump out of bed too. I live about an hour out of the city (northern NJ) and just LOVE your view!


pretty, pretty sunrise. i think if i had that view, too, it would get me out of bed early in the morning.

the potato-thing is funky. sugar?? is that for real??? i've never heard of that!

(oh, i did this meme a few weeks ago. maybe that's when you were still partying and celebrating your official engagement.??)


Beautiful photos! Myself, I can't sleep with the covers over my head, they need to be covering my shoulders, but no more! LOL

Sugar potatoes??? I guess it sounds good, I love potatoe latkes with sugar & sour cream (fried potatoe pancakes.) LOL Definitely a little weird though! :P

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