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He's adorable!

I like your blog so far. I'll have to try a recipe or two.


He is SO ADORABLE! I love the eye & nose detailing, so nicely done! Does the Japanese craft book you worked from have a Shiba Inu too? I keep looking for one, but can't find it! I really like your blog too - you have it all, projects, tut's & recipes! LOL


Do you sell the Bull? It(he,she) is that I walk like mad looking for a felt of bull terrier and this one is precious(beautiful) I am charmed with it(him,her), if you sell it send me a mail thank you

(Mrs) Sonuch Sterrett

I LOVE your Bullie, do you know one?
He is SOOO lifelike I can't help but think that he is modelled on a real life pup!
I have a Bullie & feel a real affection for anyone who can appreciate their alternative beauty as much as my friends & I do.
Well done & keep up the great work, your creativity has re-inspired me to pick up my sketch pencil again, thank you.
P.S. Feel free to e-mail back if you would like a picture of my Bullie, Lemmy.


How adorable! I'm looking for a plushie Bull Terrier I can make for my brother and for another friend....this is lovely. :-)

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That is a lovely toy it really similar to the real dog i really like this type of dogs because they look dangerous but they are really humble and nice .

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