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I had an ilustration professor who said to me once 'Don't assume your viewing audience is ignorant. Give them credit for having a sophisticated sense of visual language-let them work a bit- and trust them to 'get it'. I think your illustration is powerful, and lovely, just as it is. I really enjoyed reading about how you chose your subject matter for this challenge. Well done!


beautiful illo!


This is just lovely, both conceptually and artistically. I particularly love the feathers on the wing of the mother pelican, they are beautifully done! Thank you for sharing your process, too. And seeking inspiration from any source, be it book or otherwise, is never dorky!! :-)


I also like the feathers! Nice take on the subject.

lv bags for sale hat's ok, I feel behind too! So we can just be "late" together! LOL 2 amineko cats!?!?! Jeez lady, you're crafty lightning!

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I really appreciated it very much.thank you so much for sharing.
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