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I <3 them both!


Wow that is so cute and a great idea. Love the mushroom but Sammy make it that much more perfect


OMG!!! I'm such a dork! I passed this on Craftster's Hot Topics at least twice today, and didn't realize it was you who made it! It's so cute, I should've known! Of course you needed a little guy to go in there, it's just EVEN MORE adorable! Great work!

(My Mom loves the earrings, btw!!!) Are you going to enter Whiplash with me this month? :P


Oh the cuteness! It's overwhelming!!

I love this one, I had a hedghog as a pet. I think they are the cutest things ever. Oh to be able to crochet this well. You did a great job.


VERY cute!!!!!


I love it! I have the mushrooms/hedgehog Playmobile set.


ADORABLE!!! thanks for the i really must learn to crochet!! :)


Love it! Thanks for the free pattern - can't wait to try it.


A polka-dotty mushroom AND a hedgie??? Happy sigh at the cuteness. Love the little guy peeking out and the different sizes of buttons!


They are totally adorable! I love the buttons on the mushroom.


Can you send the pattern for the mushroom? I love it!

Mary Anne

This is so adorable!!!! I love hedgehogs and a mushroom is a perfect place for little Sammy to live! Are you going to have a download for the mushroom pattern too??? Thank you for sharing this cute pattern with us.


So cute!! =)


The Sammy pattern will not open on my pc. Is there any way you would email it to me?

I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

Gitte Herloev

How adorable is THAT? !!!! Makes me wish I was able to crochet better.

Cute, cute, cute

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hat's ok, I feel behind too! So we can just be "late" together! LOL 2 amineko cats!?!?! Jeez lady, you're crafty lightning!

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