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Lovely!!! I love those colors, so pretty! Yeah, the overhand knot isn't very fancy, but you can use it a bunch of different ways to make fancy fringe! I'll see if I can dig up a link, I found a bunch of awesome fringes.

I bet you could drape it, maybe it needs a shawl pin or brooch to help? Awesome job! Now I have to pick out yarn and make one for me!


Wow, wow, wow, is that ever gorgeous! The colors- looks like how the sun does that dappling thing across surfaces, the variation is so natural and beautiful! The fringe-- what a great effect! It looks kind of Celtic. Wonderful work!


That is the *best* yarn for Lady E!

So beautiful.


Wow, that shawl is stunning! I love the colours, pattern, everything about it. And for some reason, in the photo with the sun, it reminds me of Moon Mist ice cream. Yum! :)


i have seen a few lady e's around blogland but this one is by for the most beautiful, love those colors and it makes me want to knit one, i've been thinking about trying out that technique but anyway...beautiful shawl, just beautiful!


Re: Moon Mist... I don't know if you can get Moon Mist ice cream in the States, it kind of has that Canadian flavour sound, doesn't it? Like ketchup chips (I hear your potato chip flavours are limited down there!) Moon mist is apparently "Moon Mist: A mix of banana, grape and bubble gum ice cream, truly out of this world." (according to Sounds kind of strange, but it's yummy! And purple-ish, which also makes it sound kind of icky, but it tastes wonderful! :)


Just gorgeous! Come on over to my blog to check out our Lady Eleanor KAL and see photos of Lady E knit in yarns other than Tapestry. I've got all the KAL blog links in my sidebar. I am working the fringe tonight on mine (I used Noro Silver Thaw) and found your blog by googling "overhand knot". Glad I wasn't the only one who was stumped by that one. LOL.

Puma Clyde

I really like your blog style! Great antiquity! Gives a clear feeling! Is a major sensory enjoyment ah

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