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That bunny is the cutest ever!

I had been thinking about you. Sorry about the death in Kyle's family and your work situation. That is all very stressful alone, not including planning (and postponing) a wedding. I assumed you were just busy planning your wedding.

So, when's the big day?


Wow! Lots going on in your world, huh? I hope you got the goodies I sent on Monday, not a lot, but I hope you like them anyway!

I'm so sorry for your (and Kyle's,) loss. It can be so tough, dealing with death, that other life issues can really weigh us down! (Should I send some more bath bombs?!?)

Anyhoo, I hope family & job stuff gets back to normal for you both! Oscar is adooooorable! We have wild rabbits behind our house, and Ginger likes to sniff their "cocoa puffs" (poo!) LMAO!


Welcome back! It seems like you (and Kyle as well) have been under a lot of stress. I hope everything goes well for you now that you've gotten through a bit of a hard patch.

Congratulations on Oscar, I have a little old bunny of the same type, he's old but he's never stop being cute!


Ahhhh, how cute! You know the saying, when it rains, it pours! Hope things settle down for you.

Claire Wieczorek

Your dwarf bunny, Oscar, looks definitely adorable.
I would like to make the knitted bunnies, but the link to the pattern does not work for me.

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Yum Yum So so very very cute! I wish could have been there...You booth turned out so darling. I'll be in touch....I'm glad Elliot made it to market's so good to see he's still around, love the tux.

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That's a cute bunny!

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