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I was just thinking about you last night.

I'm sorry you have a terribly long and boring commute. I hope you can find some audio books to lessen the pain.

The bunny is growing. How cute is he?


Oscar is too adoarble! those herbs look mighty yummy, i bet he's drooling just thinking about them. :)


He is just the cutest bunny ever!! He will love the herbs!! Mine loved dandelion leaves and rocket.


90-100 minutes EACH way??? wow! WHY?


Also wanted to say I don't think I have ever seen someone so incredibly crafty and able to do so much, AND work a full time job and that huge commute!!! Amazing! Kudos to you! Do you not need much sleep? Anne


Have you ever considered selling your cool things through Uncommon Goods? It's a little thing that you and small companies could sell their merchandise through and a bunch of the stuff in their catalog is handmade and uncommon to find in a store. It would be a great job for you. My family gets the Uncommon Goods catalog and it's fun to flip through it and admire the things that you can't get, because they're either too expensive or we already have it. (Usually it's because it's expensive.)


By the way...I love your rabbit, Oscar. I have a rabbit, too. He's black and white and his name is Domino. In case you were wondering...I'm a girl.


Oh!...I saw your knitted Gir on Google and I think it's absolutley adorable! Love the cupcake, too!

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