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LOVE this little guy! So adorable, but in a macho kind of way! Hehehe!

I hope you, Kyle & Oscar are having a great summer! (More bunny pics, pretty please?!?! LOL)


He is adorable, Shirley. For a bug, you know. (hee hee hee)


Awwwwwwwwwww he is so adorable!! I would want to stay on the right side of him though - I bet he can cause trouble when he wants!


Now that's the kind of bug I could like in my house!




So cute!


i'm trying to figure out the pattern, while not knowing how to read charts, and it's rather confusing for me.
would you mind helping me out a little bit? :)

herve leger  fan

so beatiful what you did , so good handmaker . woop , i like to learn , and make one for my niece , thanks

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I desparately WANT to make this but I have NO idea how to read that pattern ;__;

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rdhtdshrteu6ydytduiyetret It's so nice to see you crafting and posting again! I think the knitted pizza slice really completes the set - so cute! Fun to see crochet and knit together, so few people are interested in both, it seems!

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