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Wow the sweater is gorgeous!!! I love the color and the 3/4 sleeves too. It fits you so nicely but 1's and 0's!!!! I am impressed all around.


I can see why your so pleased with this sweater...You've done a fantastic job!
I love the colour...mmm you may have given me the inspiration I need to try wool dying too!!


Wow!!! That's gorgeous, and size 1 and ZERO needles for a sweater??? You're my latest knitting hero!!

It looks so good on you, and those buttons compliment it perfectly! Lovely, beautiful and classic - what a great first sweater!

Dyeing's so much fun, but I hadn't thought of dyeing after knitting! A whole new world is opening before my eyes! LOL


That is so gorgeous! Beautiful work (as usual)!


Oh, Shirley. That is absolutely gorgeous!


Wow, that sweater is freaking awesome! I love the fit. It's unbelievable that this is your first sweater ever. I'm so nervous about my first sweater; I don't think it will turn out half as professional looking as yours. Great job.


I cannot believe you knit that with your own two hands. wow. Wow. WOW.

Wibit (Brie)

This is stunning! The color is fabby! I have been wanting to dye for ages but have been to frightened is it really easy? the shorter sleeves totally set it off!


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rdhtdshrteu6ydytduiyetret It's so nice to see you crafting and posting again! I think the knitted pizza slice really completes the set - so cute! Fun to see crochet and knit together, so few people are interested in both, it seems!


Your sweater is beautiful. I am currently knitting this pattern and I hope mine looks as great as yours when it's done.

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